Posted by Dietmar Schlüter on August 08, 2018

Definition Of Material At Material definition, the substance or substances of which a thing is made or composed: Stone is a durable material. See more.


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Material: Specialty Tile ProductsSpecialty Tile ProductsMaterial: Matching Suede MaterialMatching Suede MaterialMaterial: LondonsteelenvelopeLondonsteelenvelopeMaterial: 8 Of The Most Inventive New Materials From The MCX Library8 Of The Most Inventive New Materials From The MCX LibraryMaterial: Cycles Material StudiesCycles Material StudiesMaterial: Unresolved MaterialUnresolved MaterialMaterial: 45" Shaggy Felt Brown45" Shaggy Felt BrownMaterial: Matching Neoprene MaterialMatching Neoprene MaterialMaterial: Sweeny Todd Project: November 2010Sweeny Todd Project: November 2010Material: Researchers Develop Darkest Manmade MaterialResearchers Develop Darkest Manmade MaterialMaterial: SLAC's Ultrafast 'electron Camera' Visualizes Ripples In 2SLAC's Ultrafast 'electron Camera' Visualizes Ripples In 2Material: 3 Best Gypsum Stocks To Buy3 Best Gypsum Stocks To BuyMaterial: Linen, Cotton & Leather Sofa Fabric In Dubai, HotelLinen, Cotton & Leather Sofa Fabric In Dubai, HotelMaterial: All Valley Sand And Gravel IncAll Valley Sand And Gravel IncMaterial: Terreon Solid Surface MaterialTerreon Solid Surface MaterialMaterial: Premium Montessori Materials AndPremium Montessori Materials AndMaterial: Equus FabricsEquus FabricsMaterial: Alcantara MaterialAlcantara MaterialMaterial: Andreas Bastian Creates Incredible Bendable 3D PrintedAndreas Bastian Creates Incredible Bendable 3D PrintedMaterial: New Material Textures Are Now LiveNew Material Textures Are Now LiveMaterial: Ventilation Duct Material PVC Knife Coated Fabric OrVentilation Duct Material PVC Knife Coated Fabric OrMaterial: Making Material DesignMaking Material DesignMaterial: Matching Leather MaterialMatching Leather Material

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