Brigthwood Public Safety...

Public Safety History

Established in 2006 as the Woodland Shadeland Block Watch, Brightwood Public Safety has had an amazing impact on thecommunity. The Block Watch meetings have presented the opportunity, in conjunction with the Brightwood Membership meetings, to voice concerns with the police and other neighbors.

In addition to it's meetings, the Woodland Shadeland Block Watch group has organized several neighborhood cleanup events, as well as the planting some of the trees along Woodland and Shadeland.


Brightwood Civic Group recently established a successor to the Wooodland/Shadeland Block Watch called the Brightwood Public Safety Committee. The new committee is charged to address safety and quality of life issues for the entire Brightwood Neighborhood. The Committee held its first meeting at the Woods Run Library in January 2012 and is seeking volunteers to be part of the committee and provide input to improve public safety and the quality of life on every street in Brightwood.  If you are interested in becoming a part of the public safety initiative please contact the Brightwood Civic Group at 412-732-8152.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Brightwood Public Safety Committee is to empower residents and business owners with the tools to identify and report crime and code violations in order to be a partner with local law enforcement, Bureau of Building Inspection and other public safety agencies to improve the safety and quality of life for all residents and businesses in Brightwood.


Vision Statement

To accomplish these goals Brightwood Public Safety Committee will:

  • Call 911 when a crime is in progress

  • Submit 311 calls or anonymous complaint forms when conditions deteriorate on a privately owned property or city property, when suspicious activity is regularly occurring at a specific location or when City infrastructure is in need of repair such as street lights or road repairs.

  • Create partnership with other local community groups, Pittsburgh Police, City Council, Mayor’s office, Bureau of Building Inspection and other elected officials.

  • Develop a contact list (phone numbers, email addresses, home and business addresses) to keep residents and business owners apprised of any criminal or suspicious activity.

  • Update residents and business owners about the progress or lack of progress in fighting crime.

  • Develop strategies to improve quality of life for residents and business owners.

  • Promote communication to all residents, business owners, law enforcement, BBI and other public safety agencies.