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  • The Average Cost of a Deck. ... Plastic wood composites that last forever will run you about $5,200 to $8,000 for a 400 hundred square foot deck.

  • How much does a 400 square feet deck cost? Q: ... will run between $20 -$25 per sq foot or $ ... The square root of 400 is 20 because 2*2 =4 and 10*10=100 ...

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  • What is the average cost of a 400 square foot deck? ChaCha Answer: The average treated wood deck will run between $20 -$25 per sq foo...

  • I’d say the cost of lattice for... say a 400 square foot deck is probably about $850-$1000. and the ... But a larger 20 x 20 or 400 square foot deck may only have ...

  • Average price per square foot for deck build in northern virginia: ... So, that coupled with fuel cost may affect the price per square foot. Was this post helpful to you?

  • Total Cost of Deck $ 7110.00. Materials Standard Deck 20'X20' 400 sq/Ft $2000.00 Bench With Back 20' 20 Lin/Ft ...What is the cost of wood to construct a 400 square foot deck?[Jun 25, 2010] Best Answer: In my area, the total cost of pressure treated wood for framing and decking runs around $5 sq ft. So $2000 for 400 sq ft. Add extra for railing. ~ by Scott ( 1 comments )

  • How much does it cost to build a new deck with design plans, diy ideas, ... IPE decking prices will be in the $9,000 range for a 400 square foot deck.

  • In contrast, a larger, 400-square-foot deck built by a professional costs around $10,000, ... How to Estimate the Home Building Cost Per Square Foot.

  • Your deck’s size will obviously dictate a good deal of the cost when painting or staining. The square ... and $241 to $897 for both sides of a 400-square foot deck.

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  • Average cost to stain a deck is about $2 (per square foot). Find here detailed information about stain deck costs.

  • Building a Deck: $10-$22 a Square Foot: Family Room Addition: $75-$240 a Square Foot: Custom Home: $100-$400+ a Square Foot

  • Deck cost per square foot building | deck cost per square footDeck cost per square foot. ... Add about $15 per 30 square feet for … it cost to have a 400 Square ...

  • Like your 400 sq. ft. dining area, ... Your new deck will most likely cost between 5% and 30% of what your house is worth. Again, this is all about you, ...

  • Price Per Square Foot to Build a Deck. ... "Cost Owl" estimates the average cost of a premium composite deck at $38,382... How to Calculate the Cost of a Deck.

  • How much per square foot does a new concrete … Aug 20, 2009 · Home & Garden; Local Businesses … Add about $15 per 30 square feet for … it cost to have a 400 ...

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