Parks and Recreation...

Brightwood offers fantastic opportunities to explore nature and enjoy the great outdoors whether your a hiker, biker or kayaker. The neighborhood has direct access to Riverview Park, the Ohio River, the Three Rivers Heritage Trail, as well as Horace Mann Field, Young Field and the Marshall/California Parklet.  Recently, Friends of the Riverfront installed a non-motorized boat slip along the Ohio River at Westhall Street that will accommodate paddlers, anglers and offers interpretive signage on riparian buffer zone animals.

Riverview Park is the "jewel of the Northside".  The park was established in 1894 by Allegheny City (later annexed into the City of Pittsburgh in 1907) and offer 251 acres of trails and recreational facilities.  The park is also the site of the Allegheny Observatory and the only remaining briddle trail in the city.  The historic Allegheny Observatory,through the research of Professor Langley, was instrumental in establishing unified time throughtout the United States and later Director James Keeler succeded in proving that the rings of Saturn were particulate and not solid.

Pittsburgh Parks Volunteer Days. Volunteers can sign up to help with various projects this spring in
Pittsburgh parks. Contact Angela at or 412-682-7275, Ext. 231.



Greening in Brightwood....

Brightwood is also home to the Marshall and California Avenue Garden that is sponsored by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy.  The garden is tended by Teresa Radwan, garden steward and resident of the neigbhorhood. Each year, Teresa and volunteers plant the garden and tend the gardens throughout the season by visiting the garden once a week and watering the garden when needed.  The garden adds beauty and life to an extremely busy gateway into the community where Marshall Avenue intersects with California Avenue and Route 65.  If you are interested in helping to the tend the garden, contact the Brightwood Civic Group.