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  • How to Paint the Vinyl Walls in Your RV - Trek With Us

    In this article we’ll share seven tips to successfully paint your vinyl RV walls. But first, since you can’t undo your work when you paint over your vinyl walls, let’s look at the pros and cons for painting them.

  • How to apply a varnish to an Acrylic Painting

    An uneven finish in your painting, some parts matte, other parts glossy can be very off-putting to the viewer. A unified finish enhances the colours and is a great way to add both a professional finish to your paintings and

  • Re-Love Project…before & after | The Painted Hive

    For the girl that professes not to have any woodworking skills… you sure have up-skilled in a hurry for this one!! ;) Don’t you love the fact that old pieces like this may have crappy finishes on the doors and top but the bones are still solid timber and sooo worth resurrecting.

  • The 7 Best Products to Patch Wood - The Craftsman Blog

    Hi Natasha, Ugh, we are so sorry to hear that! Are your cabinets actual wood or faux wood? Thanks for reading and commenting on our blog. We always do our best to help real world people with real world home repair questions!

  • How to Make a Stunning DIY Plank Wall - Lovely Etc.

    This will look so great in a nursery! My wall is right around 8′ x 10′ but a closet door at the end made the majority of the wall 8′ x 8′.

  • Art resin: coat your artwork with resin - Jean Tripier - A ...

    So i did an epoxy pour over a painting 4 ft x 4ft. THe first layer did not spread evenly and had some canvas showing thru..So i did a second pour and was dumb and dint use a blow drier on it so now the surface of the painting is very textured and bubbled from the epoxy…im wondering if a third coat would help clear it up again or would it make ...

  • Installing Butcher Block Counters with an Undermount Sink ...

    I seriously thought about doing tile on ours too, because I think they can look really nice. But I like a smooth counter, and because our floors are terrazzo, I thought warming up the space with wood would be nice for the overall feel of our kitchen.

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    A glossary of art terms related to the painting of Johannes Vermeer and Dutch painting of the Golden Age

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