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  • 2 Balconies...sunrise and sunset!!! - VRBO

    Gulf Shores Surf and Racket Club 301C with fantastic sunrise and sunset views from the 2 balconies in the unit ... The pool and Hot tubs looked inviting ...

  • Hotel Balcony Swimming Pools - Amazing DIY, Interior ...

    Hotel Balcony Swimming Pools. If you ever wanted a swimming pool, most of the time you were thinking it should be built in the backyard, garden or indoor.

  • A Balcony With Swimming Pool? To Infinity and Beyond - AOL ...

    A self-described "cybertect" has designed a pair of apartment high-rises that feature balconies with swimming pools -- taking the "infinity pool" concept to a whole new level.

  • Just don't add a diving board! Architects make a splash ...

    High-rise flats fitted with swimming pools have been dreamt ... idea of swimming pool balconies more ... skyscrapers that have swimming pools instead of balconies.

  • Luxury Condo With Balcony Pools - Business Insider

    The building will have 100 swimming pools. A Luxury Condo In India Will Have A Private Swimming Pool On Every Balcony

  • Mumbai’s Floating Balcony Pools - My Modern Met

    Cyber architect James Law designed an unbelievable skyscraping residential complex for real estate company Wadhwa Group in Mumbai, India. One of the most outstanding and eye-popping features of the facility includes a series of swimming pools placed within each balcony.

  • Balconies with Swimming Pools - Toxel.com

    Balconies with Swimming Pools. ... Proposed 30-story tower with swimming pool balconies aims to provide luxurious and comfortable living environment.

  • 10 Most Amazing Balconies - cool balconies ... - Oddee

    10 Most Amazing Balconies. ... 1 Swimming Pool Balcony. ... The balconies are suspended 1,353 feet in the air and jut out four feet from the building's Skydeck.

  • This Building's Balconies Are Actually Swimming Pools

    Witness this architectural nightmare and deadly accident waiting to happen: a 37-story, twin tower apartment building that has apartments with swimming pools instead of balconies.

  • Monroe Gardens: 2-Bedroom | 1-Bedroom Apartments ...

    Spacious apartments on the west side of Springfield, Illinois with swimming pool, balconies or patios, fireplaces, close to great shopping in a safe clean neighborhood.

  • 2 Bd 2 1/2 Bath Luxury 3 Story Town Home, W... - VRBO

    The balconies at the breezeways and cozy fenced in front ... I purchased this property due to it's great location and beautiful lagoon style swimming pool.

  • balcony swimming pool - paranormalinvestigations.org

    Mar , Or balconies that are really swimming pools enclosed in glass building that has apartments with swimming pools instead of balconies.

  • Best Dubai Hotels with Balconies - TripAdvisor

    Dubai Hotels with Balconies. ... “ The infinity pool is amazing and is huge witcompared to most hotel pools.It also has fantastic views over the Marina and it's ...

  • The Aquaria Grande Residential with Balcony Pool / Mumbai ...

    GLASS BALCONY POOLS AT AQUARIA GRANDE RESIDENTIAL TOWER IN MUMBAI, INDIA The beautiful Aquaria Grande residential towers, currently undergoing construction, will be equipped with one of the most stunning architectural feats when the project is completed, transforming standard balconies into swimming pools.

  • Balcones Pool | AustinTexas.gov - The Official Website of ...

    Balcones Pool is a neighborhood pool located at 12017 Amherst Drive in Austin, Texas. View all City of Austin pools and splash pads. ... Pools and Swimming.

  • Proposed Mumbai Tower to Feature Swimming Pool Balconies

    The architect James Law, who heads the firm James Law Cybertecture International, has proposed a 30-story tower for the Indian city of Mumbai with a distinct, and seemingly dangerous, marquee feature: private swimming pools on each of the balconies.

  • Pools in the Sky: A World Tour - The Atlantic

    Pools in the Sky: A World Tour. ... If the Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao's swimming pool is to be ... isn't building its balconies so people can feel the wind ...

  • 4 High Rise Condos with Balcony Pools - LUXUO

    4 High Rise Condos with Balcony Pools. ... 116 units at the Porsche Tower will have a private swimming pool, ... is prone to cracking and not suitable for balconies.

  • PHOTOS: Apartments With Their Own Swimming Pool Balconies

    The latest way that the super-rich are living better than all of us? They're getting swimming pools that also function as balconies. A planned 37-sto...

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