Type:Synthetic PVC Boat Deck

Size:Be Customized

Brand Name: Seven Trust

Advantages:PVC artificial deck is PVC synthetic material, can be anti-ultraviolet radiation, impact resistance, oil, water and a considerable corrosion resistance...Maintenance does not require a special method, as long as the daily cleaning will be able to maintain a good condition of PVC artificial deck.

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Comparison of Teak Wood Deck and PVC Artificial Teak Deck

Teak solid wood decks and PVC artificial teak decks are not mostly seen from teak, but their materials, construction, cost, usage and maintenance are different.

Teak wood deck is the use of noble teak wood through the choice of background, the surface pattern and lines are similar to the real wood to make the most reasonable and beautiful stitching, all the different width of the deck plane and walkway from the individual to make the best position Of the match with the dressing, as one is not flawed and solid wood sense of the teak deck. If the thickness of 18mm in terms of about the cost per square meter to about 400 US dollars. And the thickness of 18mm can withstand more than 6 times the re-polished renovation and at least can maintain more than 15 years of life.

Teak solid wood deck in the maintenance is more difficult, generally speaking, the deck surface teak is not painted, to maintain the surface of the deck without the need for regular regular cleaning, the best and most simple way is to use washing Plus a soft brush with seawater cleaning. Do not use too hard brushes and corrosive chemicals to scrub, which can cause corrosion and wear on the teak surface.

If the occurrence of teak surface scratches, light can be used to remove the scarred sandpaper, in particular, can only replace the whole wood.

PVC artificial teak deck is made of pvc-based materials according to different width plus black edge and teak appearance similar to the integration of materials, and then with the shape of the ship deck after lofting by the computer cutting and then splicing glue or welding to make large Products, and finally moved to the site of bonding and installation to the deck, walkway and diving board and so on the latter part of the construction work.

The advantage is that the construction time is short, oil and water resistant to UV-resistant anti-fouling and high anti-slip function and easy to clean. But these synthetic deck brands are foreign imports of its unit price plus construction should also appoint foreign technicians to guide, perhaps the processing cost of several brands compared to its overall cost in the country are higher than the teak wood deck.

The disadvantage is that the integration of materials are limited, fixed parallel width can not be effectively adjusted, so the width of the aisle, hatch openings and arc corners are generally difficult to achieve the perfect ending.